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Transforming lives through experiencing the outdoors, community and the love of Christ.

Did you know that only 6% of kids, ages 9-13, play outside in a typical week?

At UCYC, 100% of our campers play outside! It’s been intentional here for over half a century and is so important to us that it is part of our mission statement – Transforming lives through experiencing the outdoors, community, and the love of Christ. To get kids into God’s creation allows them to not only experience Him, but sparks their creativity, reduces stress and ADHD symptoms, and increases attention span and memory performance.

Your generous gift will make it possible for us to provide kids of any age the opportunity to be outdoors so they might experience many of the benefits listed above, but even more importantly, experience Jesus in His creation and through our loving staff!

Each year, UCYC grants over $10,000 in scholarships to families who need tuition assistance. Your gift to our Scholarship Fund will be used specifically for this need, allowing more students to attend UCYC and learn of God’s love for them!
UCYC covers 146 acres, with over 60 buildings and houses, and accommodates a staff of around 50 year-round employees. When you give to our General Fund, your donation will be used where it is most needed, ensuring the continuation of our mission!



A life-changing gift for as many as possible to experience God at UCYC

I love how UCYC sparks creativity, curiosity and imagination.

I’m a huge fan of moving 6% of kids to 100% who connect with God while exploring the outdoors.

Here’s my way of saying: make camp affordable for as many kids as possible.

I’m a fan of playing outdoors to help reduce ADHD symptoms and improve classroom performance.

Fix whatever needs repair at UCYC so kids can be transformed without distractions.

Use this wherever is needed.

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Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith