High School Summer Camps Summer 2018

Transforming lives through experiencing the outdoors, community and the love of Christ.

Youth Pastors:

UCYC does all the work, so you can hang out with your students.

Designed specifically for high school students (grades 9-12), our program offers high-energy group events that let your students cut loose while still finding time for dynamic Christian worship, quiet reflection and a chance to build intimate relationships with counselors – and it’s all included in one price! All you need to do is sign up.

High School Campers:

Looking for a fun way to spend your last few summers before leaving for college?

The UCYC MEGA summer camp is built with you in mind, offering Biblical teaching, worship and reflective time combined with tons of crazy-fun group recreation in the great outdoors (think: zip lines, hiking, swimming, climbing and more). Meet new friends who share your Christian values – and who also love having fun in nature!


Your child will be challenged to grow in their relationship with Jesus.

A typical day includes small group time, reflection, morning and evening teaching and worship, and many options for team competitions and outdoor recreation. We create an environment to foster the true heartfelt transformations that only the Lord can deliver, while providing opportunities for campers to encounter God in real and powerful ways.


Did you know if you magnify the tip of a pen you would see nearly a million germs on it? Weird, right? If you peaked through a high-powered telescope and searched the sky, you’d find millions of galaxies like ours. When we slow down and ‘magnify’ something, we see it more fully. We discover incredible insights we didn’t realize were there.

You see, the lens in a magnifying glass uses light to make objects bigger.

In our daily lives, we are constantly distracted, anxious, fearful, or just busy. It’s normal. Together, this summer we are going to pause and magnify a Person we have all heard about. But is all we know just a quick glance?

Is it possible, when we look more closely at the life of Jesus, the light of the world, we can see more clearly? We are going to explore through the eyes of people who were with Jesus, and as they were, they saw Him in a new light – for who He truly was and is. Let’s magnify together and see what happens.

The Summit

THE SUMMIT is located on the main UCYC camp and houses up to 400 campers. It includes 10 hand-crafted cabins, each with 4 bedrooms and 4 private bathrooms, with a spacious shared living area for connecting.

The Springs

THE SPRINGS is our newest, fully remodeled site, located 15 minutes from the main UCYC camp. It houses up to 224 campers. At 1,500 feet higher in elevation on 60 acres surrounded by Prescott National Forest, The Springs offers both beauty and spaces.

Meet Our Team

Derek Beauchamp

Derek Beauchamp

Program Director

Braydon Little

Braydon Little

Junior High | High School Director

Gage Nerger

Gage Nerger

JH | HS Coordinator

Brittany Barnum

Brittany Barnum

Program Registrar