Outdoor Education

Transforming education through experiential outdoor learning opportunities



Students are able to learn various outdoor skills through teachings on identification and differentiation, hands-on practice, and group discussion about real-world application. These skills range from wilderness map and compass use to knot tying for both home and outdoor purposes.


Through goal-setting and setting personal challenges, students will have the opportunity to take part in thrilling activities such as rock climbing, zip-lining, and going on our giant screamer swing!


Through field games and activities on both high and low ropes elements, students will experience first-hand teamwork, connection, and the powers of effective communication. All activities are followed by a debrief discussion that focuses on the leadership and strengths of the team.


Students will utilize different scientific exploration methods to discover local flora and fauna and experience the benefits of mindfulness in the outdoors. These activities bring attention to the importance of knowing your surroundings, as well as being connected to the natural world.

LEARN is UCYC's outdoor education program that links Education, Adventure, Relationships, & Nature through experiential, standards-based curriculum. You design your program to meet your educational goals, then we facilitate!

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