Preteen Camp 2018 Summer Camps

Transforming lives through experiencing the outdoors, community and the love of Christ.
The idea of a “Road Trip” can strike dread in the hearts of most preteens.

The long, boring hours squeezed between siblings. Leg cramps from a huge cooler under your feet. ‘Holding it’ longer than you thought humanly possible. Hunger pains tormenting your stomach. What makes a ‘road trip’ worth it? A good playlist? Meaningful conversations? Beautiful scenery? The destination? (unless it’s a relative who drives you crazy!)

At UCYC this summer, we are going to take an amazing road trip alongside the story of Peter, a “water walker”, one of the first followers of Jesus, a fisherman, a truth speaker, a passionate believer, and an occasional doubter, and together, we will go on an adventure you will never forget.

See what a week of Preteen Camp looks like!

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