Getting on stage is easy. Saying something interesting… that’s hard.

SpeakBetter will make it easier for you to communicate on any platform.

Maximum 50 participants.

WHAT IS A platform?

It used to be simple.
A platform was a stage you got on. You would talk, people listened.

We live in a different time.
People don’t listen just because we are talking.

Today, a platform is leading a meeting, hosting a podcast, giving a devotional, or emceeing an event.

Ever notice how ministry folks are expected to communicate really well in dozens of settings? We need to give a powerful sermon, but also be funny running a game. The expectations are high.

The cool thing is when we communicate better, people’s lives change. That is why, if you are a ministry leader who is hungry to get to the next level of communications – we invite you to join us.

Why? Seems like after churches join us at camp – we hear a common observation: “You all kill it on the platform.”

Our goal at UCYC is to partner with church leaders in ministry. We believe SpeakBetter is a collaborative, safe, and small setting to get better at something that matters in ministry. This is our second year hosting this event and we have no doubt that it will help you improve as a communicator. (No risk on you – if afterwards you think, that sucked – we will give you all your money back. We’re serious – we want this to be worth it!)


 you will …

Increase Your Confidence

How you feel. 

Develop Your Strategy

What you say. 

Sharpen Your Clarity

How you say it.

 And you will get better at…


Emceeing Events

Entertaining transitions, concise intros, developing bits that crack people up

Leading Small & Large Meetings

Making them engaging, purposeful, and fun

Creating Content

You’ll find new ways to create serious, funny, relevant content for your audiences..

also, bring your stuff.

Need some collaboration to just start it? Bring whatever you’re working on. Derek and the team will ask you questions about it, then he’ll offer ideas to clarify, simplfy, or add humor.



I loved being able to be with other speakers and to learn how to speak better in community. We’d love to bring our whole team next year so that we can have everyone hear this teachings.



The most helpful thing to me was the table discussion times and opportunities to apply what we’ve learned in presentations before the entire group. My whole perspective and view of speaking has not only improved, but changed drastically — in a positive way. Going in to this I had zero expectations; coming out of it, I have a new found confidence in Christ to speak! Now, I have more knowledge and skills with me that I feel equipped and ready to speak for a large group if asked. settings.



Derek has been working at speaking better for ten years. When he was in high school, he would often hide in the back of class to avoid being called on. His fear on public speaking was so bad that he would avoid going to church if he knew there was a chance he’d have to go on stage. That all changed when Derek decided to beat his fear. He made a decision to say yes to any chance to speak publicly. Much to his surprise, he fell in love with the process.

Since then, Derek has spoken to thousands of students and adults. He enjoys crafting sermons, emceeing, or just giving a devotional. He believes everyone has the ability to communicate well, but it has to be worked at. Presently, Derek serves as the Program Director at UCYC and regularly speaks and writes at different churches and events.

Derek’s years of experience have taught him that if we  work at speaking better, the church will grow and people’s lives will be changed.


Amberly is a national speaker, author, and humorist with a passion for pointing others to Christ. She has won hearts (and funny bones) of people all over the country at hundreds of conventions, camps, seminars, retreats, and chapels. She also serves as the Chief Experience Officer at UCYC and an adjunct professor at Grand Canyon University. Amberly received her Master’s degree from Biola University and would love to encourage you as you strive to SpeakBetter in 2018!


Q: What time is arrival on the 11th & departure on the 13th?
A: Check-in is at 6:30PM on the 11th in The Summit. Departure is 11:30AM on the 13th.

Q: Can I bring something I am currently working on?
A: We would love that. There is time built into the event to collaborate on content you are working on.

Q: What does my $150 registration cover?
A: Two nights of lodging, four meals, an evening activity, your SpeakBetter binder and guide, along with six sessions.

Q: How much public speaking experience do I need to sign-up for this event?
A: The course is designed for people at all levels to grow as communicators.

Q: Do I have to be a pastor to sign-up for this course?
A: No! If you speak and want your words to matter and make an impact, this course is for you.

Q: How many sessions are part of the event?
A: We want the event to be as impactful as possible. There are six sessions along with numerous activities for you to practice your public speaking.

For more questions or information on group rates, please contact Brittany – email | direct line.


6:30PM Arrival & Registration – Willows
7:30PM Session 1 
8:45AM Breakfast 
10:00AM Session 2 
11:05AM Break
11:30AM Session 3
12:45PM  Lunch
3:00PM Break
3:30PM Session 5
4:45PM Rest & Free Time
5:45PM Dinner
7:00PM Evening Activity 
8:45AM Breakfast
10:00AM Session 6
11:30AM Bye 

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