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Greg Mengarelli

A Statement from our Board:

United Christian Youth Camp has been blessed over the last 25 years with a true visionary and leader, Greg Mengarelli. Greg’s amazing leadership has advanced the incredible legacy of UCYC. Through his guidance and direction, UCYC has been able to acquire a new property, broaden the capacity of programming and serve thousands and thousands of students to discover and deepen their relationships with Christ. Throughout Greg’s time of leadership, UCYC has experienced unprecedented growth and value, expanding the staff and resources tenfold. It is with a deep trust in God’s plan that we announce Greg and Sheila have decided their time of leading UCYC has come to an end. The outstanding and extraordinary impact that Greg and Sheila have made on the lives of students, staff, and the Board will be reflected for generations to come. We are deeply honored by the commitment and legacy Greg and Sheila leave behind. During this time of transition, the Board of UCYC has been very engaged in developing the transition plan for leadership. We are privileged to have a high-capacity team leading the camp through this tumultuous year. UCYC asks for your prayers for the Mengarellis’, the leadership team, and the Board during this time. We trust God for the next 25 years, just as we have trusted Him for the past. 

The Board of Directors of UCYC would like to formally introduce Joe Zizz as the next Executive Director of UCYC. Joe and former UCYC Executive Director Greg Mengarelli have worked tirelessly together over the past several years to cultivate and expand UCYC. We are confident of the strong vision Joe has for the camp, along with the deep relational and organizational skills he possesses.

We are excited for the next adventure that awaits UCYC…and after 2020, clearly, adventure awaits all of us. The Board warmly welcomes Joe to the Executive Director position. The legacy of UCYC is strong and we, along with Joe and his family, are committed to continuing the work set before us.



Joe Zizz

Executive Director





Joe Zizz

Executive Director



Brian Hallstrom



Bev Simpson


Paul Smith

Guest Services Director

Gage Nerger

Young Adult Director


Stephanie Claytor

Experience Registrar & Event Planner

Nathan Barreras

JH/HS Director

Nick Andreacola

Experience Team


Sarah Carnivalli

Marketing & Design  Manager

Jared Wockenfuss

Guest Services Sales Manager


Brenda Hoffman

Human Resources Manager


Kathy Holappa


Kenny Canedo

Facilities Director

Steve Patterson

Springs Director

Chris Garcia

Facilities Manager