A road-trip is announced. Dread, fear and bad memories flood your mind. Then you discover, this road-trip is with good friends, a great playlist, and a path through the UCYC Pines of Prescott following an amazing water-walker with insights on how our ‘road trip’ can be all the better.

Preteen Camp Dates

Week 1: Friday, June 8 – Tuesday, June 12

Week 2: Saturday, June 23 – Wednesday June 27

Week 3: Thursday, June 28 – Monday, July 2

Week 4: Tuesday, July 3 – Saturday July 7

Week 5: Saturday, July 21 – Wednesday, July 25

Week 6: Thursday, July 26 – Monday, July 30

Week 7: Tuesday, July 31 – Saturday, August 4

UCYC at Angeles Crest Christian Camp

Week 1: Sunday, July 8 – Thursday, July 12

Week 2: Sunday, July 12 – Thursday, June 16

For more info or to register: contact Vicky –
800-289-8309 | Email:


Some journeys require more. Discover a Rabbi who is both hated and loved. Experience his difficult journey to the center of the ancient near east where nothing seemed to stop him from living at 100%. This summer at UCYC we will discover his secret strength and how to make it ours.

Jr. High Camp Dates

Summit Week 1: Friday, June 8 – Tuesday, June 12

Summit Week 2: Thursday, July 5 – Saturday, July 8

Summit Week 3: Saturday, July 21 – Wednesday, July 25

Summit Week 4: Thursday, July 26 – Monday, July 30

Summit Week 5: Tuesday, July 31 – Saturday, Aug 4

Springs Week 1: Tuesday, May 29 – Saturday, June 2nd

Springs Week 2: Sunday, June 3 – Thursday, June 7

Springs Week 3: Friday, June 8 – Tuesday, June 12

Springs Week 4: Saturday, July 21 – Wednesday, July 25

Springs Week 5: Thursday, July 26 – Monday, July 30


Sometimes, it’s too scary to stop. To look closely at something, or someone might reveal more than we want to know. But maybe, just maybe, if you were to magnify a certain object or person, you might discover there is so much more going on than you ever thought possible? 

High School Mega Camp Dates

Summit Week 1: Thursday, June 28 – Monday, July 2

Springs Week 1: Thursday, June 28 – Monday, July 2

Kids of all ages love ucyc

A student can begin at Preteen Camp (4-6 grade) move into Junior High Camp (6-8 grade) and end with High School Camp (9-12 grade). Throughout the week, campers are challenged to take the next step in their relationship with Jesus – whether that be meeting Him for the first time or growing deeper in their walk with Him.

A typical day includes small group time & quiet time, morning & evening teaching and worship, team competitions and many recreation options. Our hope is for true heart transformation that only the Lord can bring and look to provide experiences where campers and leaders can encounter God in a real and powerful way.

4th - 6th Grade (Preteen Camp)

Our “Preteen Camp” camp is for elementary students and provides a great opportunity for growth at a young age. Campers will be immersed in new experiences and will learn about the love of Jesus and their need for Him in their lives.

5 days

Middle School (Junior High Camp)

The “Junior High Camp” is for middle schoolers and offers a higher level of adventure and independence. Campers will get the chance to enjoy new experiences and continue their journey into adolescence. They will also be encouraged to take the next step in their faith and walk with Jesus.

5 days

High School MEGA Camp

The high school camps are for high school aged students who are looking for a fun and adventurous way to enjoy their last few summers before college. Campers will have a blast and get a true summer camp experience.

5 days

Meet Our Team

Derek Beauchamp

Derek Beauchamp

Program Director


Courtney Mockbee

Courtney Mockbee

Preteen Director

Braydon Little

Braydon Little

Junior High | High School Director


Brittany Barnum

Brittany Barnum

Program Registrar