The UCYC Podcast

A podcast for youth pastors and ministry leaders designed to empower, equip, and inspire in today’s cultural landscape.
Episode 9 | Worship Leader Handbook
Nathan Del Turco is a leader, pastor, and artist. In this month’s episode, Nathan shares wisdom from his book, Worship Leader Handbook. His book is loaded with great tips, stories, and nuggets for ALL leaders. Whether you lead worship teams, or not, this is a great conversation on leadership.
Episode 8 | Inspiring Growth
Mark P. Fisher, a skillful marketer and camp ministry veteran, shares perspective on how to inspire growth from within a team.
Episode 7 | The UCYC Story
Prescott Mayor and UCYC Executive Director share stories from years in camp ministry and more recently, local politics.
Episode 6 | Communicating to Students
Hear some key tips and guidelines from Ken Tram, an experienced youth pastor, on how to communicate effective to students.
Episode 5 | Building a Worship Culture
Derek and Brendan visit with Dakota McGrath, a veteran worship leader, and talk about how to gain momentum with worship in your ministry.
Episode 4 | Leading Volunteers Well

Derek and Brendan chat with Kale Garrison a student pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley about some successes and failures he’s experienced while leading volunteers.

Episode 3 | Keeping a Fresh Perspective in Ministry
Derek and Brendan sit down with Garrett Shelp, student pastor at Christ Church of Flagstaff to talk about longevity, joy, and implementing new ideas in youth ministry.
Episode 2 |Changing Culture in Youth Ministry
Luke Wright, a seasoned communicator and youth pastor, joins Derek and Brendan to talk about the nuts and bolts to changing culture and creating an effective youth ministry experience.
Episode 1 | Getting Students to Camp
Derek and Brendan chat with Nate Johnson from The Crossing Church in Las Vegas about getting students to camp consistently.

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