Want to be the hero with your students AND their parents?

Is the stress of planning and preparing for camp draining you?

UCYC’s unwritten goal is that guests would know that God is for them by the way we serve them. This is a huge task indeed, but the program team at UCYC is not afraid of that daunting challenge.
We asked four of the Program leadership team to unpack some of the “secret sauce” to making our pastors and leaders look like rockstars and loving students with reckless abandon. Their answers are a bit surprising and totally inspiring.

1. What makes UCYC unique, in your opinion?

  • “UCYC focuses on relationships and making it easy for groups.” (Derek Beauchamp, Program Director)
  • “UCYC is unique because no one does camp like we do. We value customer service from the top to the bottom and our facilities stand out from a lot of camps.” – Gage Nerger, JH/ HS Coordinator
  • “UCYC is outdoors. We are able to provide an experience that you can’t get sitting inside a church.” (Courtney Mockbee, Preteen Director)
  • “UCYC values relationships over everything. Our heart is to make youth pastors and leaders the hero by giving their students an experience that is easy and fun.” – Braydon Little, JH/HS Director

2. When it comes to camping with UCYC, what is “in it” for the youth pastor/ children’s pastor and leaders?

  • “Pastors and leaders get to be the winner. UCYC sets up pastors and leaders for the most success possible.” – Courtney
  • “We give them a week off! Through staffing and programming, we give pastors and leaders time to relax and invest relationally with their students without thinking about the experience.” – Braydon
  • “UCYC focuses on relationships and makes it easy for group leaders.” – Derek
  • “We want to set pastors/ leaders up for success so they can really focus on their students. We strive to be as accommodating as possible with our pastors.” – Gage

3. What is your favorite part of serving at UCYC? How has UCYC sharpened your skills?

  • “My favorite part about serving at UCYC is the culture of empowerment. Teams are structured to allow individuals to work at their own pace and find new ways for UCYC to fulfill its mission.” – Braydon
  • “My favorite part of serving at UCYC is how high of a standard I’m held to (to be honest that can also be my least favorite). UCYC has forced me to grow as a man and expand my mental capacity.” – Gage
  • “UCYC is a great place to work because we focus on leadership development. We never settle for average. It has pushed me to be a better man, leader, and follower of Christ.” (Derek)
  • “I get to be on a team with all my favorite people. UCYC has made it easier for me to think of others first and make sure that I’m meeting their needs in order to make their experience great.” – Courtney

Our prayer is that students would come to know Jesus in a transformative way, that pastors would have the margin to pour into their students, and that all would leave the camp encouraged, inspired, and better equipped to make a difference in the world in Jesus’ name. We pray for students to meet Jesus and the influence of churches to grow in their community and you can help make that happen. (YOU can be the hero with students!)

UCYC makes camp, easy, and fun. We want to partner with you to provide your students with the summer of their lives with programming and facilities that point them to Jesus. Such an environment is conducive to growth and FUN! (YOU get to become a hero with parents and church leadership!)

We are so committed to you and your leaders that leaders come for FREE. For every seven students who sign up for camp, one of your leaders comes completely free (now YOU become a hero with the finance director at your church!)

But don’t just take our word for it! This is what some of our pastors/ leaders are saying:
“You guys are pretty unique with your leaders go free initiative. I would also say that having two camps is pretty cool too! We have been going for a long time, and we know that it’s a good program. We appreciate the fact that UCYC is just a vessel for students to encounter Jesus and have conversations with youth leaders. Also, it’s just awesome to get away from the desert!” – Youth Pastor, Tucson, AZ

“UCYC really caters to my kids and my leaders. You are able to come up to anyone and they are kind and ready to help. The UCYC team is amazing.” – Student Pastor, Las Vegas, NV

“I absolutely love that the summer staff comes to sit and eat with our kids. It made their time so much better to know that these super cool college age and older guys and girls WANTED to be around them.” – Preteen Pastor, Prescott, AZ