Youth Pastors & Students Love UCYC Winter Camp

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Here’s a QUICK look at the weekend:

  • Arrive after dinner on Friday.
  • Head home after breakfast on Sunday.
  • In between, students and leaders dive into hilarious games, powerful worship, camp-wide activities, practical, biblical teaching, fun themes, small group conversations, afternoon fun, all designed to engage your students and leaders’ mind, body, spirit, and heart.
Winter2022 PT BeyondTheRiver 2 UCYC

Beyond the River


Joshua was charged with leading the nation into the great unknown beyond the Jordan River, and none of them could have predicted the lengths God was about to go to rescue them and give them the land He had promised them. What Joshua is asked to do and what God leads him and the Israelites through is one incredible story after another, and we want to help students appreciate how miraculous these often familiar stories are.

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Winter2022 JH Rerun UCYC


1/27-1/29 & 2/3-2/5

When you read the book of Judges, it’s like one rerun after another for the people of Israel. They’re trapped on this spiritual treadmill of doing evil in the eyes of the Lord, God letting them be oppressed by their enemies, the Israelites crying out to God for help, and God sending a rescuer. While there are lessons we can and will learn from the Judges themselves, the ultimate story is that we are all in need of a rescuer and Jesus is the perfect One who can deliver us from this treadmill of sin and folly through His transformative work on the cross.

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Winter2022 HS 2 UCYC


1/13-1/15 & 1/20-1/22

In John 1, the Apostle opens his literary masterpiece by explaining who his whole book will be about – Jesus. He specifically mentions in verse 14 that Jesus came to us “full of grace and truth.” To imagine these seemingly opposing forces of grace & truth coexisting and being perfectly embodied by one man is enough to make the brain hurt. Perhaps part of that is our binary and limited human understanding of these two concepts, and we often view them as inherently incongruous – like oil and water. Yet it would seem that Jesus – as the perfect Man – views them more like two sides of the same coin.

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Winter2022 YA Stray UCYC



“What is God’s will for my life?” This question has been scrawled in journals and asked of pastors and counselors for generations. The reason so much confusion and angst surrounds this theological question is because there isn’t a simple answer. In fact, in the great question of God’s sovereignty vs. man’s free will, there are entire camps of Christianity divided largely on this issue. With that wrestling typically comes anxiety, but God is not a God who seeks to make His people anxious.

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