Transforming lives through experiencing the outdoors, community and the love of Christ.

2018 DATES | FEBRUARY 23-25

Please join us for a weekend of Christian worship, teaching, recreation and community that you’ll never forget.

Let’s face it - adulting is hard. It's exciting, terrifying, stressful, and beautiful all at the same time. That's why UCYC has a get-away weekend designed by young Christian adults, for young Christian adults.

For one weekend, this is your chance to get away from all of the noise and the nonstop go-go-go of young adult life (college, career, relationships…and so many decisions to make!). It's a weekend to meet other young adults just like you, who share your values, and build lasting new friendships. It's a weekend to take a breath, and remember who you are.

Maybe you attended camps when you were young, or have been a camp counselor for others, and are missing the magic of the camp experience. Or maybe you’ve never been to camp and are drawn in by the promise of a dynamic mix of worship, fun and friendship in nature.

COST: $130 per person

Includes: Housing | Meals | Recreation

Questions? More info? Want to chat?

Derek Beauchamp

Derek Beauchamp

Program Lead


Teaching by
Caleb Baker

Caleb has worked at a church since the fall of 2012 and has been the young adult pastor at Central Christian Church since April of 2016. He loves the NBA, movies, rap music and Mexican food. A lot. But more than anything, Caleb always believed that the news of a God who gave up his Son so that he could have life (and ANYONE could have life) changes everything. Caleb always believed that that news can change the world. He still does.

MC by
Evan Boyd

When children dream of who they want to be when they grow up, careers like doctor, police officer and superhero come up, but for Evan Boyd, things played out a little differently. At the age of just four months, with his small baby hands, he formed the letters M and C. This would signify the beginning of his steady but sure progression toward his God-given destiny: becoming the best Master of Ceremonies the world has ever seen.

This twenty-one year old communication virtuoso loves Netflix, doggies, buying groceries only to go out and eat afterwards, and the new moist toilet wipes that flush down way easier than the old ones ever had.

His passion is a simple one: to fulfill his destiny a la Darth Vader, but with much louder breathing.
It’s because he has a deviated septum. It’s, like, super common, he guesses. Apparently, he can get surgery for it but he really doesn’t think it’s worth it.

Worship by
Brandon Bellerson

Brandon is a worship leader and songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. He is currently serving as one of the worship leaders at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, AZ and lives in Phoenix with his wife Amelia. Brandon is passionate about Jesus, people, music, and coffee.


Q: How late can I register?
A: You can register up until the day of.

Q: Do I have to pay all of the money when I register?
A: No. A $30 deposit holds your place and you can finish your payment upon arrival.

Q: When do I pay my remaining balance?
A: You can pay your remaining balance upon arrival

Q: Are there benefits to registering a group?
A: Email for group information.

Q: Do leaders come for free?
A: Leaders pay the standard $130 cost. If you are the group lead please email

Q: Is there an age limit on the retreat?
A: There is not. However, the retreat is designed for those that fit into the young adult age bracket of 18-30.

Q: Can I register alone?
A: Yes, we will put you in a group up at camp.

Q: Is transportation to UCYC being offered?
A: No, but many groups are organizing carpools.

Q: What time do I have to be there on Friday night?
A: Between 7PM & 8PM is preferable, but we understand work & camp; school can slow things down.

Q: Can married couples come?
A: Yes. However, lodging will be done based on gender.


6:30PM-8:30PM Arrival & Registration - Assembly Hall
9:30PM-11PM Session 1 
11PM-1AM Small Groups & Free Time 
8:30AM Breakfast 
9:45AM Session 2 
10:45AM Small Groups 
11:15AM Breakout Sessions
12:45PM Lunch 
1:30-5:00PM Rec & Free Time
6:00PM Dinner
7:15PM Session 3 
9:00PM Small Groups
10:00PM Late Night Activity & Free Time
8:30AM Breakfast
9:45AM Session 4
11:00AM Bye 


Meet Our Team

Amberly Neese

Amberly Neese

Program Director

Derek Beauchamp

Derek Beauchamp

Program Lead

Braydon Little

Braydon Little

MS / HS Coordinator

Brittany Barnum

Brittany Barnum

Program Registrar