We believe serving a summer at UCYC is an incredible way to spend your summer. Think back to the time your life was changed at camp. You may not remember their name, but was there a staffer that impacted you? Or even just made you and your church’s experience better? Whether it’s interacting with students or taking out the trash in a cabin, Summer Staffers help grow the kingdom.

We want to give you the opportunity to be apart of that!

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Things You Need to Know

What are the important dates?

Move In: May 16th
Last Day: August 6th

What will I get paid?

$1,800 base pay plus room & board.

Where will I live?

Every summer staffer is assigned a house for the summer. They share this house with the summer staff of the same gender in their specific Camp.

What does my day look like?

Your day will start with a meeting lead by your site director. A typical morning consists of breakfast, session, and field games. A typical afternoon consists of lunch and running recreation (wall, zip line, paintball, archery, etc.). A typical evening consists of dinner, hangout time, session, and late night.

Will I be able to go to church?

The first week you’re here we will attend church as a staff. After that, if an off day lands on a Sunday, you are definitely encouraged to attend a local church! Prescott has many fantastic churches that our staff attend, but the great thing about being on summer staff is we essentially offer church services every night at session!

What age group will I be working with?

We assign summer staff to camps based on ability and need. You will find this out when you arrive at camp. No matter what site you’re assigned, you’ll be serving every age group throughout the summer! From elementary students all the way through high school.

Where will I eat?

Meals will be provided in the Dining Hall while camp is in session.

Will I have time off?

Yes, there are days off during the summer. You will get a calendar when you arrive that have specific dates. These dates differ depending on the camp you are placed in.

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Grow The Kingdom.
Change Lives.