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“UCYC took the stress out for me, making it easy and fun, so our camp was great!”
Christian Church Leader, Phoenix, AZ

Here’s a QUICK look at the weekend:

  • Arrive after dinner on Friday.
  • Head home after breakfast on Sunday.
  • In between, students and leaders dive into hilarious games, powerful worship, camp-wide activities, practical, biblical teaching, fun themes, small group conversations, afternoon fun, all designed to engage your students and leaders’ mind, body, spirit, and heart.

Oh, did we mention your camp might have SNOW? (No promises, but it’s possible!)



Christian High School Winter Camp UCYC

We all live at war with two parts of ourselves. 

There’s our spirit that longs for God, wants to live for Him, and really does want to do what’s right. 

 Then there’s our flesh or sinful nature – that part of us that just won’t ever seem to fully go away. It makes us do things we regret, makes us think thoughts that shock even us, and seems to add confusion and doubt at every turn. 

 What do we do with this fractured personality? 

 How can we live and follow Jesus while continuing to fight this monster from within? 

 We’ll dig into a few chapters right in the middle of the book of Romans (6-8) to unpack this concept and learn how we can live a more holistic, less fractured life.


Christian Junior High Winter Camp UCYC

The era in which Elijah and Elisha lived and had their ministries was chaotic, to say the least. They were plagued by wicked leaders in Israel who were constantly at war with other wicked nations. Many people had forgotten God and decided to chase idols and live for themselves or what feels good, and there was just continual uncertainty in the culture at large…sound familiar?

 Students will spend the weekend learning about the truths of God and how to navigate a world that is constantly clashing.


Elementary Preteen Christian Winter Camp

Daniel’s world was completely flipped upside down

Taken captive to a strange land with strange beliefs, his world was upended overnight. Despite those circumstances, we see Daniel remain firm in his faith and he actually thrives while surrounded by a culture that is hostile to his beliefs. 

 By looking through the story of Daniel, we’ll draw parallels for our students about how God is always with them and will give them the strength they need to live out their faith even when it’s unpopular.

Ashleigh is here to help!




Ashleigh King


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