Winter Christian Camps


Youth Pastors & Students LOVE UCYC Winter Camp


Easy for You.

Fun for All.

Focused on Jesus.

You’ll Be a Hero.

“UCYC took the stress out for me, making it easy and fun, so our camp was great!”
Christian Church Leader, Phoenix, AZ

Here’s a QUICK look at the weekend:

  • Arrive after dinner on Friday.
  • Head home after breakfast on Sunday.
  • In between, students and leaders dive into hilarious games, powerful worship, camp-wide activities, practical, biblical teaching, fun themes, small group conversations, afternoon fun, all designed to engage your students and leaders’ mind, body, spirit, and heart.

Oh, did we mention your camp might have SNOW? (No promises, but it’s possible 😉 )


Life can be crazy. School, drama, family, and busy schedules can be a heavy weight on us. Have you ever wondered how to live for God in the midst of that build up?

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were four friends in captivity. They were stolen from their homes to serve the king of a foreign land. Everything familiar was taken from them. They were under constant pressure to turn away from God and worship fake things. Daniel was thrown in a den of lions and the others were left to burn alive in a fiery furnace. But they had faith that no matter what happened, God would protect them.

Join us this winter at UCYC for a story of how God can show up in the scariest situations. Together, we’ll learn how God leads us while under pressure and how we can be faithful in the toughest of times.

2019 PRETEEN WINTER CAMP (4th-6th Grade)

People now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube per day. 

From learning new skills, following their favorite celebrities, getting a good laugh, and even getting their news all from YouTube, Preteens watch YouTube every day! 

This winter, we will explore a side of this social medium they’ve never seen. We will be using different elements of this platform to teach students about the Armor of God and what it means to make Jesus the thumbnail of their lives!

Join us as we Subscribe to God’s word like never before!


Talk to a ‘real’ person about camp:

Brittany Barnum

Program Registrar